What is The Cabbage Plot?

The Cabbage Plot began as a letter to my friends in Spring 2010, enlisting them to try to grow cabbage seeds I bought during an art residency in Anyang, South Korea in 2008.

This site is a record of their efforts.


Dear Friends,
I’m starting cabbage seedlings from the seeds I brought home from Korea. The seeds I planted Sunday are already sprouting in my studio!

Please consider fostering a cabbage for me this summer. They are smaller napa type cabbages used for kimchi. The seed packet says they should mature in 40-60 days. When I was there, people in Seoksu Market grew them in plastic washtubs on the side of the street. I think they’ll do fine in a big pot on a terrace, stoop, or roof. Of course, if you have a yard, things should work out really well too. I hope you will send me updates (verbal or visual) of your cabbage during its homestay with you.

In exchange for your efforts, I will make kimchi for you with the head you raise.

Let me know if you would like seedlings or seeds.




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