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blue cabbage seeds


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Doug, I went by to water your cabbage. The last couple days have been really hot. I’ll give you a new seedling on your return. Best, Elaine

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Progress Report

The baby-cabbys are surviving and thriving.  However had two close calls, one was the freakish hurricane that whipped through Harlem the day we put them on the terrace.  The wind and rain was so intense and erratic it would have … Continue reading

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Cabbages in their interim home, with friends

Hi Elaine — Here are some pics: 1. My seedlings, in their interim home, with the Tillandsia triplets, happily soaking up the sunshine. 2. Violet discovers the cabbages, and anticipates kim chi.    Enjoying my little guys! xo eb

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Under Wraps

Under Wraps – My cabbage seeds are operating undercover at the moment. Unable to release any further information as yet.

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kimchi lover watching the progress

from Wolfgang:

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Subway Seedlings

Heading to LIC and Bushwick via cocktails at Columbus Circle.

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