Words of encouragement

My Cabbage Friends,
It has certainly been an unusually hot summer. Apparently ideal for tomatoes (which were off the hook in their bounty after two or three years of blight and less-than-bounty) but not so great for cabbages–
so far. I’m sorry you all are having such a tough time (or at least your cabbages are) producing a head. If it’s any consolation, I walked through the Union Square Market a few times this past week and noted the skinny-assed Napa cabbages the pros had brought to market. Pathetic, really. It’s not you and your green thumbs, it’s the farmer’s almanac.
I’ll do some research to see if there’s some tricks to getting cabbages to head. Maybe a couple strategically placed rubberbands?
Meanwhile, I’ve gotten a couple face to face reports from some of you of cabbages happily thriving. David’s Napas are consorting with traditional smooth round cabbages. But he is more worried about the appearance of cabbage worms in their company. Ah, the plot thickens…
Keep your pictures coming. I’ll send you the results of my research. Send me your research results to share. Hugs,


About etinnyo

Elaine Tin Nyo is a conceptual artist based in New York City with a kitchen in Harlem, and a locker downtown filled with dance shoes.
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