Oh Elaine,
It has been a wet, humid summer. At the start of July it was clear that the babies were struggling– not enough sun, unfortunate slug and/or insect damage (all my cabbages were hit, but the babies were particularly tender). It was clear an intervention was needed. I gently dug and moved the little ones–spreading them out and bringing them as much as possible to the sunny front of the bed. They had barely a root system. I tucked them into the new site and gave them another mulch of compost. I have 18 small cabbages.

After a week or so new growth has started, (looks hearty and unchewed up so far), and most of the cabbages have doubled in size. I think we’re on the right track now. I’ll work to keep the neighboring plants from taking them over, and give them a chance. With Minnesota’s short growing season, I’m hoping for some good size by early September. The neighboring Kale likes this garden spot (started much earlier) so I’m thinking this will turn out well. Ever optimistic is the farmer…. xo, cheers, Judi

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About etinnyo

Elaine Tin Nyo is a conceptual artist based in New York City with a kitchen in Harlem, and a locker downtown filled with dance shoes.
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